Gasket Sheet | PTFE Envelope Gasket
PTFE Envelope Gasket
PTFE Envelope are made of 100% pure PTFE cover with flexible core material such as non-asbestos. The coefficient of static and dynamic friction of PTFE are very low but PTFE is the best of the "non-stick" material

PTFE Envelope is mainly use flange groove and all kind of equipments in food and pharmaceutical industrial
Genearal Data
Property Value
Temp. (C) 260
Pressure (bar) 40
PH Range 0-14
Compressibility (%) >20
Recovery (%) >30

  Type of PTFE Envelope Gasket
Type "M":
Machined to give a smooth bore and tailor-made to the insert profile. Sizes up to 20" i d
Type "V":
Slit and formed giving price adventage for thinner joints where smooth bore is not essentials. Sizes up to 20" i d
Type "W":
Produced from specially formed and welded PTFE tape for all joint over 18" i d