Gland Packing
Greentek 5000/ 5000 I
Pure Flexible Graphite Packing
Greentek 5000 is made from expended graphite yarn braided into through all kind of technoogy of braiding.

Greentek 5000 I is rainforced with Inconel wire

Greentek 5000 is suitable for all application sush as duct eahaust, stem valve, general and high temp rotary etc.

Greentel 5000 I is note suiable for rotating application
Pressure (bar) 20 100 180
Speed (m/s) 22.8 3 1.5
PH Range 2-12
Temp (C) 1650 C Non-Oxidation
-185 to 650 insteam
-185 to 450 in Oxid
  Graphite Ring
Graphite ring is molded with precision dies designed for critical sizing. The ring's compressive material is squeezed creating a seal on the inner and outer diameter of the ring.