PTFE Product
PTFE Gasket
PTFE Gasket are made of suspension polymerization PTFE resin. It has outstanding comprehensive performance such as as high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, climate resistance, insulation resistance, high lubricating, stick resistance, no toxic

PTFE Gasket is widely to use in the pipe line flange in the Chemical industrial, Pretroleum, Pharmaceutical, food etc.
Genearal Data
Property Value
Content of PTFE 100%
Density 2.25
Compressibility Strength (Distortion 5%Mpa) 12.96
Impact Strenght 2.08
Bending Strenght (Mpa) 12.5
Coefficient of Linear Expension 1.25x10 -6
Friction coefficient (Load 2Mpa, Time 30 min) 0.041
Strenght Hardeness (SHao D) 60
Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity 0.256
Standard HG2-234-78