Insulation Flange Gasket
Insulation Flange Gasket
Insulation Flange Gaskets are installed worldwide in numerous pipeline system, where they perform an essential role in the isolation of the flow of electric current.

It are use in pipeline flanges which two differance materials for the sake of anticorrosion and protects the conduction of electricty and suitable for hydrocarbon, insulate the chemical product etc.

Type E
Suitable for rised & flat flanges .The use of gasket reduce the risk of electrical bridginf and the ingress of foreign between the flanges
Type F
Suitable for raised flanges, and use a central gasket which located inside the bolt circle of the flange. It may be regarded as “drop in” gasket

Genearal Data
Material Gaskets Phenolic faced Neoprene Phenolic Sleeves & Washer Mylar G10
Dielectric strength Volts/Mil 500 500 400 400
Water absorption % 1.6 1.6 0.8 0.1
Operating Temp (C) -54 to +104 -54 to +104 -59 to +149 -169 to +138