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Greentek 30
Greentek 30 is a medium quality compressed sheet material besed on aramid fibre with a NR/NBR binder system.

Greentek 30 is a general purpose material suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including hot and cold water , steam, oils, fuels gases and a wide range of general chemicals
Genearal Data
Binder NR/NBR
Colour Green
Tensile Strength 12 Mpa
Density Ratio 1.8 G/cc
Recovery >40%
Max. Pressure 4 Mpa
Max Temp. 350 C
Stress Relaxation <50%
Compressibility 8%
Anti-Stick Contact MSSquare
PTFE Envelope Gasket
PTFE Envelope are made of 100% pure PTFE cover with flexible core material such as non-asbestos. The coefficient of static and dynamic friction of PTFE are very low but PTFE is the best of the "non-stick" material

PTFE Envelope is mainly use flange groove and all kind of equipments in food and pharmaceutical industrial
Genearal Data
Property Value
Temp. (C) 260
Pressure (bar) 40
PH Range 0-14
Compressibility (%) >20
Recovery (%) >30

  Type of PTFE Envelope Gasket
Rubber Gasket
Rubber Gasket is compressed of vulcanization polymer, fillers, colour and other additives.It has excellent compressibility and recovery.

Rubber Gaskets are widely used differant areas.It has outstanding sealing function to resist the medium of gas and fluids

Genearal Data
Material Hardness Temp (C) Application
Min. Max.
NR Natural Rubber 65 -70 120 Inorganic salt, Ammonia,Weak Acid, Alkalit
CR Neoprene 70 -40 121 Brine, General Cryogen, Inoxidizability Weak Acid, CO2, Alkali
NBR Nitrile Rubber 80 -59 121 Different kinds of Oil, Hot Water, Fuel Petroleum, Weak Acid, Alkali and Low Temp. Saline Solution etc.
EPDM Etherlene Propyene Diene Monomer 80 -57 150 Water, Alcohol, Ethanediol, Ketone, Oil Lubricants, Weak Acid etc.
SI Silicone Rubber 70 -55 210 Hot Gas, Oxygen, Water Mechanical Oil Animal and Plant Oil, Brake Oil, Ozone Fireproofing Water pressure Fluids Diluted Salt Solution etc.
Reinforced Graphite Gasket
Reinforced Graphite Gasket are designed for demanding, high temperature applications.
Greentek FI
Greentek FI is graphite laminate with one or more thin,flat stainless steel 304/ 316 instertions
Genearal Data
Temp (C) -100 to 650
Pressure (bar) 120
Greentek TI
Greentek TI is graphite laminate product reinforced with 304/ 316 stainless steel.
Genearal Data
Temp (C) -100 to 650
Pressure (bar) 140